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Sites about Elsa and Frozen

Warmth in Winter
Frozen Fan Club @ Fanpop.com
A Daily Dose of Frozen
Elsa fanart @ DeviantArt

Sites/Articles about Gifted Children

Enabling Our Children
GREAT read; the teacher mentioned in this article is just about like the troll who advocates that Elsa's powers be hidden!

About misplaced parental guilt. Probably what Elsa's parents went through right after the freezing incident up until their deaths.

Differentiating Curriculum and Instruction for Gifted and Talented Students
I think Elsa could have benefited from these tactics!

Twice-Exceptional Children
About gifted children with disabilities (such as ADHD, dysgraphia, emotional disturbance)--I believe Elsa would qualify as "emotionally disturbed," especially after years of being sequestered away from Anna and the rest of Arendelle.

Emotional aspects of gifted education @ Wikipedia.org
All of this should look remarkably familiar to Elsa fans.