❅ Introduction

As I watched Frozen for the first time in early 2015 (yes, I know, a bit late to the party), I had sympathy for Elsa's character, as did many other viewers. But my sympathies came from seeing how Elsa's obvious gift was treated like a fearsome curse, and therefore was not nurtured or encouraged. Instead, she was schooled in how to hide her gift and kept away from her sister.

This activated my former teacher self; I kept thinking, "Elsa doesn't need to be hidden away and taught to fear her gift. She needs an individualized education plan with private magical tutoring and social/emotional support!" LOL!

As I continued to ponder the movie, I kept coming back to the idea that Elsa's character arc is a perfect fictional example of how NOT to treat a gifted child. Indeed, sometimes we look at children's gifts as if they are curses. Thus, this little site was born, as a way to appreciate Elsa's character for the truths it reveals.